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Lanthanum Metal
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Lanthanum, the first light-group rare-earthelement (LREE) was discovered hidden inside a cerium compound by a relentlesschemical sleuth who spent over a year on the trail. As the first element of thelanthanide group it has no f-electrons, but as f-electrons are added to each subsequent lanthanide the ionic radii of the elements decrease in a progression called lanthanide contraction. The radii decrease from 103 picometers for La3+ to 86.1 picometers for Lu3+. Lanthanum is a silvery-gray metal that oxidizes readily in air. Finely divided lanthanum metal powder can ignite spontaneously in air. The metal is ductile and malleable and soft enough to be cut with a knife. Dependant on temperature, the metal occurs in three crystal systems. At ambient temperatures, lanthanum occurs in hexagonal form with aspecific gravity of 6.174 g/cm3, above 310 °C it occurs in face-centered cubicform with a specific gravity of 6.186 g/cm3, and above 868 °C it occurs inbody-centered cubic form with a specific gravity of 5.98 g/cm3. It has a melting point of 918 °C, and a boiling point of 3464 °C. Lanthanum oxide, or lanthana, occurs as a sesquioxide with the formula La2O3. The oxide is a white powder with a specific gravity of 3.86 gm/cm3, a melting point of 2410 °C, and a formula weight of 325.82. Lanthanum is a key component in batteries for hybrid vehicles, computers, and electronic devices. Its physical and chemical properties enable the elements used in a variety of other products. Lanthanum is utilized in hydrogen fuel storage cells, special optical glasses, electronic vacuums, carbon lighting applications, as doping agents in camera and telescope lenses, and in polishing glass and gemstones. It also has major applications in petroleum cracking, and as an alloy for many different metals. Purity of our lanthanum metal:La/TREM = 99% - 99.9999% min Packing: In iron drums with inner double PVC bags of 100kg net each, or packed according to customers' specifications.