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Holmium Metal
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Holmium is a bright silver metal that is stable in dry air but oxidizes rapidly in moist air and at elevated temperatures. The metal is relatively soft and is malleable. It has a hexagonal close-packed structure, a density of 8.803 gm/cm3, a melting point of 1461 °C,and a boiling point of 2600 °C. Holmium oxide, or holmia, occurs as a sesquioxide with the formula Ho2O3. The oxide is a light yellow powder with a melting point of 2360 °C, a specific gravity of 5.0 gm/cm3, and a formula weight of 378.86. Holmium has one of the highest known magnetic moments. The element is imperative in the creation of the strongest,artificially generated magnetic fields. Holmium is also used in nuclear control rods, solid-state lasers in eye-safe medical and dental microwave equipment,and as a yellow and red glass, and cubic zirconia colorant. Purity: Ho/TREM = 99% - 99.9% min Packing: In iron drums with inner double PVC bags of 100kg net each, or packed according to customers' specifications.